We import our windows and doors only from Germany, because this is the highest standard in Insulation and Safety.

The windows have a high insulated 6 core frame and a double glass with argon gas between the glass for the insulation.This makes a difference of more than 50 % better insulation compared with double glass without argon gas.

Also our windows and doors have a much higher safety standard.The frames have a steel frame inside and a 5-point locking system (pic 2 and 3) and it is not possible to break into or open with normal tools.If you want more safety, we can make  the glass burglar proof and / or put electronic shutters (pic 6) on your windows and doors.

Some design examples for entrance doors.

You can get our safety and insulated entrance doors made in Germany in almost any colour , size and design.

We build walls only with imported AAC Blocks. The insulation against the cold in winter and heat in summer is around 6 times better than, as in the Clay Bricks (look in the follow table).

Your house will be nice warm in summer and cool in winter and you have also no problems with damp walls!!!


The Newest Solar Tubes System Imported From Germany

The house gets a solar power system for the central warm water heating and warm water.  You can heat your house and your warm water for almost free! (for a extra cost, we can build you a solar power system ) – no more power cuts.

 More Standard Features In Our Houses

Luxurious Bathrooms with taps made in Germany